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Hard Revenge: Action Adventure Pulp Thriller Book #1 (Michelle Angelique) by [Stanley, Jason]

Sick at heart. . . Mad to the bone. . .Witness to her brother’s murder, Michelle is dead set on revenge. But how?

Neither a gangster or a cop, she’s just a regular person, an “everywoman.” Now, she’s also hunted and homeless.

Her life in shambles Michelle discovers the hero living in the heart of each of us. She uncovers the strength we know we’d have if faced with the same life destroying disasters.

Full of determination but lacking skills, street savvy, and information she sets out to exact the revenge the killers so richly deserve.

Powerful women all, Michelle and her two lifelong friends buck the odds of street crime, life in the hood, dirty cops, and crappy boyfriends.

The system is stacked against them. Steeped in messages of distrust, failure, and being lesser, can these friends succeed where generations of others have fallen prey to the easier way out?

Rated R for language (she's from the hood and has a potty mouth).


Previously released as Sister's Revenge by Lori Jean Grace

What a dramatic start to the book.  Then when we see  Michelle again after 3 years, and what a change those years have brought.   And we see that in the dramatic opening in chapter 2. 

I have to say that this book was kind of a mixed bag for me.   I had things I liked about it. Michelle had to toughen up really fast.  And she doesn't take any guff off of anyone but still I liked her.  Michelle's two lifelong friends,  Deja and Nikky really did have her back and were such loyal friends.  That puts it into the plus column. Michelle's uncle G-Baby was another plus.  Even the fact that Michelle is living a double life maybe even what you could say was a tripe life was an unexpected plus as well. 

Now I knew this was going to be an adult story because of the warning in the book blurb about the R rated language.  And that was fair warning because the language was definitely raw as was some of the conversations.  There is a lot of action and violence but it was also a bit darker at times than what I was expecting.   Some of these things made it harder for me to decide how many starts to give it.  I decided 4 stars just because overall the writing was good.   

I just have to mention that the eBook cover was something that got my attention right away.  Nice touch.

"I received this book in exchange for a review."

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