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 A passion that defies the stars. . .

Four weeks ago, ex-army Major Areg Sebi was thrown into prison.
Now he’s on the scaffold, laying his head on the block.
No public trial for the disgraced war hero. No cyborgs from the League of Realms to whisk him away.
No help. No escape.
A priestess chants a prayer for the major’s soul, even as a judge cries out, “Death to the traitor!”

In the crowd below, laundry maid Etana Tidryn stares into Areg’s eyes.
His lips were hot against hers last night. His hands roamed her body, worshipped her, pleasured her. 
She’s falling for him, hard and fast. 
She’s still hoping, even if he’s given up…
Can Etana transcend everything she knows — transcend life itself — to save him?
Can she rise to meet her destiny?

THE TRAITOR’S BRIDE is the first novel in a series of connected sci fi romances. This volume features Etana and Areg’s love story, and introduces readers to the world of Xereill.

This is one intense story.   It's also filled with a lot of action and surprises, which is something that I like.  Of course, because of the life and death struggle some of those surprises aren't all that good for the main characters.  Oh and before I forget there will be romance too, which I like.  Danger and romance what's not to like? 

Etana is one smart cookie and someone with one big heart and a lot of courage.  She was in the class called menial and that pretty much gives you a  good idea of what her life has been like.  Because of the caste system, her future doesn't look all that hopeful.  But when she hears Areg at a meeting supporting his friend who was hoping to change things, it changed her.  It spoke to things that she just knew weren't right.  It also caused her to have also have a crush on Areg.

Areg is a noble and a hero.  So on the opposite end of the caste system from Etana.  But he is a hero right down to his bones and he is a protector who cares about people.    He fights the enemy and he ends up finding more enemies than he ever dreamed of in his very own surroundings.  Those that craved power to rule forever were more than willing to let other people do whatever they wanted too get there.   Ultek, the sadistic police chief, was more than happy to run rampant.  Each of the baddies was well drawn and you knew for the most part where they were coming from.

Don't despair though, there are plenty of other people who aren't buying the lies and some even have some power to help.  

I knew going in that this was not a stand alone story.  But when I was considering it, I just kept being drawn back to it.   Part of the book blurb even tell us, "THE TRAITOR’S BRIDE is the first novel in a series of connected sci fi romances. This volume features Etana and Areg’s love story, and introduces readers to the world of Xereill."  And that is pretty much what it does.  

I've read a few other books by this author but nothing quite like this and I thought she did a pretty good job.  The world building, the personalities of both the main characters and the surrounding ones were really good.  I cant wait to read the next, finishing book to find out what happens.  Yes, going there next.

What a nice touch to have a Glossary in the back of the book. Although, it seemed to be pretty easy to figure much of it out.  

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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