Thursday, April 26, 2018


Kissing Kelsey: a Cowboy Fairytales spin-off (Triple H Brides Book 1) by [Williams, Lacy]
He only remembers he loves her…

A head injury and resulting amnesia have ended Sergeant Matt Hale’s military career. He can’t remember the man in the mirror, the sister and brother he’s told about, or the family ranch. But when he comes face-to-face with his girlfriend, memories of their high school romance return. With Kelsey by his side, he can deal with all the unknowns.

Except Kelsey Whitley isn’t prepared to stand by the man she walked away from a decade ago. When Matt only remembers their time together and not the breakup—which she was responsible for—his injury and vulnerability keep her lips sealed. Those and the amazing welcome-home kiss he lays on her.

It isn’t long before Matt realizes the truth—and asks Kelsey to stay. Will the hometown girl leave him behind a second time?   AMAZON  5 STARS

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book.  It was a smaller book that just pulled me right in.  It was packed pretty well with a lot of story.  And now I want to read more in this series.
But I'll get back to that later.

The main characters were great!  I liked the different approach that the author took in the beginning when it came to Matt and his amnesia.  As the pages opened and we were getting his point of view- it was written as The Man.  Like The Man opened his eyes and didn't know where he was or The Man looked in the mirror and didn't recognize himself.  Good expressions of how lost he was.  His terror came across pretty well.  Even with all of that, he was still a good guy and easy to like.  But he was also someone who had a lot of more pain headed his way.  

Kelsey was a runner, it was something that helped her escape and she was good at it.  Too good, because when things got too much for her even emotionally, she took off.  Of course when it came to physically running she had benefited by it.  As I got to read more about her, it was easier to see why she made some of her decisions.  To understand and even sympathize at times. 

Kelsey and here sister bump heads more than once which makes for another depth to the story.   Carrie and her daughter Scarlett add more to the story too.  Scarlett, was one really cute little girl and made me smile more than once.  There is another story in the back ground about Carrie and Trey.  He loves her but things aren't working out very well in that area.  "Courting Carrie" is Book 2 that goes into that and one I want to read as well.  

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