Monday, April 23, 2018


Dark Vision (The DARK Files Book 1) by [Vaughan, Susan]
Shrapnel damage to DARK Officer Matt Leoni’s eye could cost him his vision and the only family he has, his colleagues. Chafing at desk duty, he jumps at a gig to find a traitor in the U.S. embassy of a small Mediterranean country. But Matt’s undercover role means working with Nadia Parker, a documentary filmmaker who believes he betrayed her five years ago to get evidence on her father. Worse, Matt still wants her and has orders to spy on her.

On the run…
Despite Nadia’s anger at having Matt in her film crew, she can’t deny her renewed attraction to him. When rebels set off an explosion in the crown princess’s office, embassy security believe Nadia and Matt are the bombers. In the smoke and confusion, Matt pulls Nadia to safety and they flee into the streets of Washington.

He’ll risk everything for her.
Unable to rely on DARK or the authorities, Matt is determined to protect Nadia, clear her name and find answers. As the two of them work together, trust grows between them and leads to passion, but both harbor secrets that could tear them apart. A bold plan to foil the traitor’s assassination plot could place Nadia in the crosshairs, and time is running out.   AMAZON 4 stars

This book starts out strong and keeps on going.  Matt and Nadia have a history and it's not ALL good.  There is a lack of trust between the two main characters and for some good reasons.  Matt and Nadia are both good, strong characters, whose attraction is still there.

The story is emotional and at times pretty intense.  One of the questions that they struggle with is "who can I trust?"  That becomes even more of a problem for them as they go on the run from their enemies. And even those that are supposed to be on their side, quickly become part of the problem. 

The story comes to a satisfying conclusion after a lot of fast paced action, romance, some humor and plenty of drama. 

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.

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