Monday, December 12, 2016


An Unusual Christmas by [Risk, Mona]
Running away from Christmas celebrations and the demons of her past, Dr. Jillian has dedicated her life to saving third-world children. In a faraway country, a handsome doctor may teach her the true meaning of Christmas, with the help of a baby girl and four little boys . As Jillian and Fyodor work together for six months in his hospital, their fascination with one another shocks them both. Can attraction and love overcome guilt, duty, and a clash of cultures?  AMAZON  4 STARS

I liked this often emotional book and the people in it.  Both of the main characters were busy as doctors but were still loving caring people.  Although Jillian had locked much of her heart away years ago, she still cares about healing sick children and is able to make friends.  She carries a lot of responsibility and she is all about work, work, work so that she can keep painful memories at bay.   Fyodor also carries at lot of responsibility although some of his is a bit different.  Yes, he has the responsibility of being the director of the hospital but also has family ones too.   There is an almost instant attraction that Jillian puts up a good fight against..for awhile.  As much as she likes him, it also scares her.  The four little boys in the story are fun, boisterous little guys who add a lot to the story, as does the baby girl.  Oh and don't forget the Fyodor's mother and sister.  Yes, there are some other people in the story who add and don't overwhelm.  They are blended in a way so that you aren't overwhelmed with too many characters to remember.  
There are other romances trying to form, so that makes this a good Christmas story as well as a good story for other times too. 
The reader is also taken on short journeys like a tourist, getting looks into Belarus, some of it's customs, people and a few phrases of language.  

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