Monday, December 26, 2016


Against the Edge (The Raines of Wind Canyon Book 8) by [Martin, Kat]
A child he's never met. A danger he's never known.

That he's a father is news former navy SEAL Ben Slocum was not expecting. But once the initial shock wears off for the confirmed bachelor, he takes in the rest of what social worker Claire Chastain tells him: that his son is missing, abducted by a man who wants revenge against Claire and Sam's dead mother. And that Ben is now the child's only hope.

As Ben and Claire band together to track the two down, their concern for Sam draws them closer, each fighting feelings there's no time to explore. Because when their search takes them too close to Sam's abductor and his cohorts, the danger hits home—the son he's desperate to save, the woman he's desperate to love…. Ben's got one chance to take back what's his, and in one gunshot he could lose it all.   AMAZON  4.5 STARS

It's a great story with lots of intense action, mysteries and romance.  Did I mention that it's intense?  And right now, I'm only talking about the chase to find Sam, Ben's son.  There are plenty of mysteries and near misses when it comes to recovering Sam.  Great main characters and even really good secondary people in the story too.  It was a wild ride and that's before you even add in the wild, intense, physical attraction between Ben and Claire.  They do the best that they can to keep away from acting on it for as long as they can, because they just have to rescue Sam above all things.  In the beginning of the story, most people are convinced that Sam just ran away and so Claire had her work cut out for her because she was pretty sure someone took him and she knows who.  Sam is NOT safe with this person, that she does know.   About the time you feel like its safe to take a deep breath and relax, something else comes at you, the reader. 
Oh and that thing about Ben and Claire staying away from having sex together?  You do know of course that, that is only going to last only so long, right? 
Let me just add one last thing, Sam had a "voice" of sorts in the story too.  That was a nice touch too. 

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