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His Wicked Lady (Touch The Sky Book 3) by [Drane, Sharon] 
"I say, where did you find such a dress, or should I say mess? I thought even in America one would know such a garish garment would be ridiculed." Baron William Hargreaves taunted Miss Caroline Burgess with his pompous laughter. His aristocratic fingers stroked the immaculate cravat at his throat as he sneered at her, one supercilious eyebrow raised. 
Baron William Hargreaves, arbiter of all things fashionable, loves nothing more than firing his derisive salvos of at his favorite target—the wealthy American, newly come to London society and the fading glory of the Ton. 
Caroline will never admit she enjoys their skirmishes. Nor will she admit to the dreams he inspires, or the sensations he stirs deep inside her.
Because he is the one man she can never allow herself to love.
Baron Hargreaves tries his best to hide his growing attraction to the beautiful blonde, rumored to be wealthier than the Queen herself. But when he finally begins to warm to the heiress, he is appalled when Caroline outrageously accepts a role in a play—an unforgiveable profession for a lady of the Ton. Nonetheless, William cannot ignore Caroline for the perfect match she is, and the two find themselves irrevocably drawn together.
But when Caroline is forced to shoot a man to death in full daylight on a London street, she initiates a scandal far worse than her calling as an actress. A future with William—or any other man—becomes nothing more than the dream it should have remained all along. Brokenhearted, she returns home to Philadelphia determined to leave England and her pain behind.
A blow to his own reputation overshadows William's judgment of Caroline's self-imposed predicament: When he becomes trapped in a mockery of a marriage because of a product of a youthful indiscretion, William realizes his mistakes have cost him the love of his life.
Harder to cross than the wide Atlantic Ocean, the harsh rules of society separate Caroline and William, each unable to achieve their hearts’ desires.
Where there is love, there is hope. 
His Wicked Lady, Book #3 in the Touch the Sky series.   AMAZON 4 stars

I'll be honest, I didn't like first.  It took awhile for me to change my mind.  Part of that I think is because I didn't like snotty William, at all.   Or the gossipy, shallow society he moved in. Well to be honest ,there were some exceptions in the ton, there were some real people with real values.  Loving couples who had made marriages based on love and not just money and social status.  We get to see some of those in this story.  One of them is even in William's family circle and they added to the story.  I think we the reader, got to know Caroline very well and it wasn't long before I was rooting for her.  She was one loving, strong, independent woman with a strong sense of justice.  She even ends up being a big help when William's niece falls into a pretty dangerous situation.   Lisette was someone interesting all on her own, and her story is woven nicely  into this one.  The one person I would have liked a deeper look into is William himself.  I do have to say that there probably is enough in the story to find some of the reasons why he was such a high stickler for propriety, and often reacts coldly.  Just to let you know there is some issues brought up in the book, that are of a darker nature.  Like husbands being abusive to their wives, many endangering their lives.   There is mysteries, murders, and villains as well as some romance in this book too. 
One favorite thing of the whole book is, the surprises, the twists and turns that came often.  Towards the end their is one HUGE twist that I didn't see coming! So if you like those kind of things, then I think you would probably enjoy this book too.

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a review.  

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