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Friday, December 23, 2016


Leigh Hawthorne, a widow and local farmer in Beckham, Massachusetts, enlists the services of Elizabeth Miller, the creator of the nationally published, Groom’s Gazette, to find a husband. An unusual letter from a man out west, who wants to marry a woman with ranching expertise, could solve all of Leigh’s problems. Hoping to find a better life, Leigh embarks on a journey to Chance City, Oklahoma. Fired for breaking Pinkerton rules, former detective, Cyrus Decker, just wants to live a quiet life as a cattle rancher. The problem is that he knows nothing about ranching—and his bank account shows it. Dogged by Chance City’s sheriff to join his staff, and plagued by money woes, Cy desperately needs help to turn their ranch around. He hopes that Leigh is the answer to his prayers. Brought together by necessity, will Leigh and Cy find love or will their attempt to find lasting happiness meet with disaster? Join the Chance City adventure as its citizens battle opposing forces and mayhem in their searches for love and a brighter future.   AMAZON   4.5 stars I really enjoyed it.  

I really liked both of the main characters, who each had their own good stories and needs before they even got together.  The secondary cast of people were a good addition to the story as well,  It was one I just flat out enjoyed.  Cy's sister, Daphne and his cousins, and Johnny were just a few I'd like to mention. There is also a fellow deputy named, Brock despises Cy and his heritage, so that adds tension to the story.  As well as several crimes that need to be solved. There were some surprises when it came to those crimes that kept my interest.  Also  Leigh had a secret, that was totally unexpected, both that she had one and what it was.   

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