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If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!”

What if you discovered you have been entrusted with an invisible, invincible, and incorruptible weapon? Would you use it? Would you move beyond only study and begin to wield the Word of God!

If there ever was a time for women to be armed, it’s now. Worldwide, women are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and even gendercide. Lisa Bevere writes that these attacks say more about who women might be in the future than who they have been in the past. In Girls with Swords she explains how the enemy is seeking to disarm women on every level. It’s time women become the heroes God created them to be and stand—courageous, discerning, forgiving, and wise. 
Take up your sword and be a hero!    AMAZON   5 STARS

I love how the book opens up, with the parallel identification of some important points from a secular movie.  God will use things like that, and some important points were shown from it.  The Terminator, and Sarah Conner and her rescuer were used to show you, that people know who you are and some know who you CAN be.  Sarah's guardian is there and begins to tell her "who she is. " That he is there to protect her and help train her in what she needs to know.
That is so like God isn't it?  The fact that her guardian begins to tell her what she will do is almost more than she can understand, it's overwhelming to her. .  She's living a normal, not doing much kind of life and pretty much says so.  Her words of, but I haven't done anything are countered by her rescuer's words of "But you will."   Wow, that should explode in all of us.  I like how it was pointed out that followers of Christ are targets but as women, we are even more of a target.  I am now looking at Genesis 3:15 in a new light after this.

I found this book to be refreshing and fun to read.  I have heard Lisa speak on short clips on YouTube and enjoyed what I heard.   I was a little leary when it came to reading the book, although the title was catchy.   Why was I hesitant? Because there has been a person or two who I really enjoyed listening to but in book form it felt like it fell short. The information was good but the delivery was just so-so to me.   I can happily say that isn't the case here.  I also like the fact that she can cause me to look at things in a new way without getting away from Bible truth.
Chapter 11 Sword of Song was interesting as was the explanation of an ancient sword called flamberge which literally means "flame blade."  What imagery.  The fact that many battle are won  in song, which I believe is true.  The shape and function of this sword gives a great picture of what happens when we use our "Sword of Song."  The edges of the flamberge sword has an undulating or waved pattern.  When that sword makes contact with another's sword, the flamberge's design causes vibrations to the opponents  sword.  That makes the opponents sword shake and tremble in their hand. This weakens their grip  and the increase in friction causes an advantage to the holder of the flamberge.  Jesus spoke in parallels to our natural world that we could understand.  I liked that Lisa did that along with written visuals that we could "see".  Some personal stories are added as well but didn't overpower the book.
For me this is a book that is a keeper.  To be re-read every so often and yes, to be studied as well.  

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