Saturday, December 31, 2016


Sarah Jane (Orlan Orphans Book 4) by [Osbourne, Kirsten] 
Sarah Jane Jefferson never felt like she was important to anyone. Just one of the fifteen orphaned girls Edna Petunia Sanders adopted, she spent her days working in an orphanage. She had no real talent other than cooking, but she knew how to love. Needing someone to play Santa Claus for the orphans' Christmas party, she approached the handsome young pastor, Micah Barton, the new man in town. 

Micah Barton had his eye on one of the orphans the Sanders had adopted, and when she approached him to help her at the Christmas party he couldn't refuse. When a little girl captured his heart at the party, and he needed a wife to help him raise her, he knew what he had to do. They could parent the little girl together easily, but could they live as husband and wife as effortlessly? Or were they destined to be in a loveless marriage for the rest of their lives?  

Just Okay.  Although the story line was a bit unusual, I have to say that the story was just okay. I will say that it is clean with no sex scenes. The family that Sarah Jane was "adopted" into was large and unusual. Since 15 girls were adopted at once, it made for a large and noisy group. The romance between Sarah Jane and Micah was a quick one even though very proper. Both of them falling in love with a little 6 year old orphan named Chrissy was one of the few a surprises in the story.
Sarah Jane's adoptive mother and father made for a few smiles in the story

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