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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Dancing by the Sea by [Hall, Traci] 
In his wildest dreams Armand Vargas never imagines Zamira Caballero walking through the doors of his new dance studio. After a year of shared passion in Argentina, she’d chosen her ex-dancing partner instead of marriage and so Armand had returned broken-hearted to the states, leaving Zamira in the arms of another man.

Zamira realized her mistake immediately, but for two years Armand has refused any contact. She can’t heal, because he holds her heart. When she reads Armand’s advertisement for auditions to his dance company in the US, Zamira leaves everything she knows behind for a second shot at love. She knows Armand won’t want to see her, but Zamira has the talent he’s looking for. She and Armand used to set the dancing world on fire. Together, they can achieve anything.
Armand wants to send Zamira packing, but unfortunately, she’s the best. Armand’s rivals claim that he’s a two-minute celebrity with no talent and doomed to failure. He has more at stake than anyone knows, and must hire only the top talent for DanceFusion. Hanging up his dancing shoes, his goal is to create a legacy his family would be proud of. He tells himself that so long as he keeps Zamira at arm’s length, and remembers she can’t be trusted, his heart will be safe. But he’s never stopped loving her, and each moment they are together in the dance studio is torture. 
Zamira claims to want another chance to be with him—Armand does not believe in second chances. And yet, for all his talk of trust, Armand is the one keeping a secret.
Zamira doesn’t give up on Armand, despite injuries, slander and sabotage. When she discovers he’s been hiding a one-year-old child from her, Zamira waves the white flag of surrender. AMAZON 4 STARS

Armand and Zamira, now there is 2 talented, passionate, fiery, people.  I enjoyed their story.  Zamira had a lot to prove and for most of the story Armand was afraid to trust her.  She always wanted to be the best, to reach the highest levels of success but she didn't realize what she was throwing away to get there.  
As soon as she  realized she dumped her life in Argentina and tried to make changes, to win back Armand by gaining his trust.  She worked hard, and makes some in-roads but just can't seem to win him over.  They do get to the point where he wants her back in his bed and admits it, but that is all he is willing to give at this point.  I liked how Zamira begins to help the dancers improve, her goal is to help Armand succeed. To help make a success of Dance Fusion.  She never doubted his ability to be a dance instructor.  I enjoyed the dancers who were training at DanceFusion, they made for an interesting group.  Chantal and Alex were 2 other important people in the story, and no, I'm not going to tell you who they are.  You will have to read the book. 
There are a couple of twists towards the end of the story and a sweet Epilogue.

I received this book as a gift and this is my honest opinion of it.

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