Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Hear His Whisper..."My eyes are fixed on you"

I Hear His Whisper: 52 Devotions, Simmons, Brian
I Hear His Whisper..."My eyes are fixed on you"
Your expressions of love to Me have not gone unnoticed. No, I am very conscious of every time you turn to Me in prayer. Your voice is sweet to me as you call upon My name. My eyes are fixed on you, even when you feel you are at your worst moment. My eyes have been washed with love as I gaze upon you. Your past, your history is remembered no longer. I crown you with My love.
You have dove's eyes. As I look upon you I can see your... faithful love that has endured even through your dark night. When grief pierced your soul, love brought you back to Me. When the bitterness of life surrounded you, I saw your eyes turn to Me and you found your way of escape. Your gentle heart has conquered Me, your enduring love has opened the door into My chamber room. Come, My dove, and rest in My cloud filled chamber. The days require that you turn away and find Me. My eyes are fixed on you no matter what difficulty you face.
No friend on earth can compare to Me, for My friendship is deep, intimate and trustworthy. Let me live in your every thought. Let My love dwell in your heart by faith. Love is not born by works of duty, but by glances of devoted desire to know Me. I will birth a greater love in you as you draw closer to Me, for My eyes are fixed on you.
Song of Songs 2:14 The Passion Translation
"For you are my dove,
Hidden in the split-open rock.
It was I who took you
And hid you up high
In the secret stairway of the sky.
Let me see your radiant face
And hear your sweet voice.
How beautiful your eyes of worship
And lovely your voice in prayer."

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