Thursday, May 19, 2016


He thought he’d found a quiet life… 
Cash Coulter settled into a life far removed from his days of fighting for the South and crossing the country as a bounty hunter. Now a deputy sheriff, Cash wants nothing more than to buy some land, raise cattle, and build a simple life in the frontier town of Splendor, Montana. But his whole world shifts when his gaze lands on the most captivating woman he’s ever seen. And the feeling appears to be mutual. 
But nothing is as it seems… 
Alison McGrath moved from her home in Kentucky to the rugged mountains of Montana for one reason—to find the man responsible for murdering her brother. Despite using a false identity to avoid any tie to her brother’s name, the citizens of Splendor have no intention of sharing their knowledge about the bank robbery which killed her only sibling. Alison knows her circle of lies can’t end well, and her growing for Cash threatens to weaken the revenge which drives her. 
And the troubles are mounting… 
There is danger surrounding them both—men who seek vengeance as a way to silence the past…by any means necessary.   AMAZON

The story was a good one, although I can say that it isn't my favorite of all the books I've read by Shirleen Davies.  Both Alison and Cash were interesting people as far as the story goes.  It would have been nice if they would have a bit more time courting, getting to know each other.  That felt a bit weak.    The attraction between them was there.  It was great that the town was there to watch Cash's back and vice versa.  The whole town became sort of like a family to each other.  But it almost felt like Alson and Cash's story kind of got pushed aside a bit.
There were just so many other people in the story that at times, it felt like a few too many.  Yes, I do remember a few of them from other stories but it's been awhile since I read them.  It was a bit hard to catch up.  There were also more than an handful of evil men, who were very cunning and lethal.  So that did add tension and some mystery to the story.  Mystery of how and when they were going to hit.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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