Monday, July 2, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- UPSIDE DOWN (The Men of the Sisterhood Book 1) by Fern Michaels

Upside Down (The Men of the Sisterhood Book 1) by [Michaels, Fern]
Behind every member of the Sisterhood, there's a man who knows better than to get in her way. Now the guys are bonding together, in the first in a thrilling new series from New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels. 

Through public triumphs and private sorrows, the men in the Sisters' lives—husbands, friends, colleagues, and lovers—have offered invaluable aid and support. In the process, they've become an informal brotherhood of their own, able to relate to the unique challenges and rewards of life among the vigilantes.

But after years of bit parts, the Sisterhood's significant others are itching to take center stage. Frustrated with the limits of the criminal justice system, Nikki's husband Jack Emery has recruited his friends Ted, Joe, Harry, Bert, Jay, and Abner. They have brand-new headquarters with state-of-the-art equipment, an unlimited bankroll, and a plaque on the door that reads BOLO Consultants. Their first case: toppling ruthless slum landlord Tyler Sandford—also lieutenant governor of Virginia. Sandford may have friends in very high places, but that's no match for BOLO—or the women who've got their backs. . 
.AMAZON 3 Stars

I had a little bit of trouble really getting into this one.  I think the main problem was that I had already read most of the stories that had the women of the Sisterhood as the main theme. So I already knew what was going to happen to some of the relationships of the men.  Maybe other people wouldn't have that problem.  It seems like it would work out okay as a stand alone story.
 I have to give Dennis credit for coming up with a brilliant idea to solve a couple of personal problems for the  men and their loved ones.
BUT then just as I was starting to get in the story?  Oh no, you didn't!!
The book ended just left me hanging.  Hanging off that cliffhanger and I am so NOT a happy camper.  I also am not used to this author doing this kind of thing so I was surprised and shocked and disappointed.  

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