Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Never Resist a Sheikh (Bad Boy Sheikhs Book 3) by [Ashenden, Jackie]
Felicity Cartwright is ambitious, fierce, and has everything to prove. But when she arrives in Al-Harah on business for her new tech start-up, she’s mistaken for the future queen and taken against her will.

Zakir ibn Rashiq Al-Nazari, ruling sheikh of Al-Shakhra, needs of a wife. Inheriting the throne after tragedy strikes his family, his government and people demand heirs, and hope for the future…

Once Zakir chooses Felicity as his bride prize, she is told she cannot resist… and when the unexpected chemistry burns between her and the sheikh, she learns she doesn’t want to. Will Felicity, this western stranger who has an inexplicable hold over Zakir, be just what he and his country needs to heal?

The book has pretty good main characters who have a battle of wills going on from the minute Felicity gets kidnapped.  She may be tiny but that doesn't stop her from opening her mouth and letting it rip.  She turns out to be wrong woman but at the right time.
Zakir is used to speaking and people jumping to obey.  That is so the opposite of who Felicity is and who she has had to  be.  She is a genius who has beaten the odds when it comes to owning and running her own business.   That is so at odds with the almost medieval sheikh.   It's like the old culture colliding with the new modern ways of life.  
Zakir is afraid of physically hurting Felicity especially after the tragedy of his brother and his wife's death. He fears that there is madness in him and he keeps his passions under tight control.  He was a fierce soldier before stepping up as the new Sheikh. 
There are emotional moments as well as sex exploding between Zakir and Felicity.  
I would have liked to have seen an Epilogue and also I felt like a few issues might have been addressed a bit more.  It felt like there was more to the story of his brother and his wife's deaths.  Also what happened to the faction who disrespected Felicity so publicly?   

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