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Lady Georgiana and Tristan once shared a secret passion that almost destroyed them both. A blackmailer threatens to reveal it all, and they're in each other's arms again!
Love and family are on the line as Georgiana and Tristan discover the truth!

Georgiana Martin has a secret... 
To say that the eldest daughter of the formidable Martin clan is trouble would be an understatement!
Georgiana Martin has always done as she pleased, and the only person who could ever keep up with her was Tristan Carrow - the son of her family's oldest rivals.
The days when they meant anything to one another are long past.
Now ... he's a duke.
Now ... she's the star of London society, brilliant, gorgeous... and perfectly alone.

Then a note arrives.

Blackmail and longing bring Tristan and Georgiana back together!
Georgiana comes from a family known for its recklessness.
Tristan comes from a family known for its dignity and morality.
The duke and the hellion must learn to work together before the blackmailer catches up with them and tells the world one of the biggest secrets around:

Georgiana's heart was captured by her family's greatest enemy!
No one is as wild as Georgiana.
No one is as proud as Tristan.
The question is:
Can these two put aside their dark past and their family feud and create a future together?

The book felt like it had a little bit of a slow start but keep reading because the action and answers at the end have quite the twist.
Then one of the first things that I thought as I was reading it was, "Pride goeth before a fall."   And it seemed like both Tristan and Georgiana had plenty of that; pride.  And they did take a big fall and their stubbornness was causing even more problems.
Both Tristan and Georgiana were good main characters who sure liked to argue and try to get one on over the other.
It made me smile that so often Tristan lamented that when he was with Georgiana what was proper often went out the window.  And it got to a certain point that I noticed that Georgiana was having moments of being surprising proper.  Then Tristan began to have times of being wild.  Like it was said, the Martians were reckless and the Carrows were stick-in-the mud type people.  It was like they were rubbing off on each other and there were times they weren't too happy about. that  It was the very thing that they despised about the others family.  It took a while but then they began to notice that very thing themselves.  Some of that recklessness will help both of them though as they go on this adventure. 

I would have liked to seen a bit more depth when it came to the history that Tristan and Georgiana did actually share.  And a bit more about the terror that Georgiana had about that long ago time with the soldier.  

I did enjoy seeing Honey again, a person from the first book in the series.   It would be nice to see where her life could go from here.  Although Georgiana did have some ideas on how to help her in the future.  

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