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BOOK REVIEW- ANGEL SISTER (Rosey Corner Book #1) by Ann H. Gabhart

Angel Sister (Rosey Corner Book #1): A Novel by [Gabhart, Ann H.]
It is 1936 and Kate Merritt, the middle child of Victor and Nadine, works hard to keep her family together. Her father slowly slips into alcoholism and his business suffers during the Great Depression. As her mother tries to come to grips with their situation and her sisters seem to remain blissfully oblivious to it, it is Kate who must shoulder the emotional load. Who could imagine that a dirty, abandoned little girl named Lorena Birdsong would be just what the Merritts need?   AMAZON  4 STARS

I almost passed up this book because I'm not a fan of books about The Depression.  I worried that it would be depressing.  It wasn't depressing but it was an emotional story.  
It had really good main characters as well as supporting ones.  It felt like each person in the book was a person with depths to them.  I would have said that Kate was probably the main character but as important as she was, it was really the story of Victor and Nadine as the strong center. Because we do see chapters of the past for both Victor and Nadine.  Flashbacks to the past.   Maybe it would be more true to say all three were the main characters.  
Wow, both  Victor and Nadine had such a unhappy childhood with abusive fathers.  Both fathers undervalued their children and tried to hold them to unbelievable, unreachable standards.  Nadine's father was someone who was more of a thundering man who used religion to keep people in line. It begins to look like there might be  hope for him though, because of things that happen beyond his control.  Victor's father is also a thundering man but he is someone who uses his fists without any reserve or  remorse.  He has a certain amount of control on the small town because of his being the owner of the large general store.  His power also comes from the credit that he has extended to the people of the community.  So when he thunders, they listen.  I guess it would have been quicker to say that he was a bully.  
Kate really was a young girl with a lot of responsibility on her fourteen year old shoulders.  I loved how she joyed in life even while doing the tough things that others couldn't or wouldn't do.  She really was the glue in the family for a long time. I really enjoyed her being part of the story.  Lorena Birdsong, you just couldn't help but really like that child and want things to turn out well for her.  Angel Sister, ended up being a bit different than I expected but I liked it. 
Some reviewers felt that the story was sweet and yes in some ways I see that.  But I also saw the hard things that had to be dealt with and hopefully overcome. 

Watch for Graham and Fern, they will play important parts in the book.  Just popping up every so often.  So does Aunt Hattie with her strong faith in God, and her loving ways.  She also knew when to correct someone in a way that was direct but still loving.  
If you missed it, this book is definitely a Christian one, with scripture and prayer.  But don't let that turn you off because it is a really good story.   And the ending chapters have some dramatic actions that set that town on its ear. 

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