Sunday, July 8, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- HIS Desire by Shelia Kell

His Desire (HIS Series Book 1) by [Kell, Sheila]
He’s stubborn. She’s independent. Together, desire will determine their future.

Hamilton Investigation & Security leader, Jesse Hamilton, swears never to love again. The risk of losing his heart is too painful. Burying himself in work and caring for his daughter, he doesn’t expect strong-willed FBI Special Agent Kate Ross to break down his carefully constructed walls.

When Kate is injured, Jesse pulls the full force of HIS into action to protect her. He refuses to be the reason behind another senseless death. Making a decision that could cost Kate her life, Jesse must decide just how far he’s willing to go to save the woman his heart desires.  AMAZON 4 STARS

This book had really good, interesting main characters.  Each one is  strong, skilled and independent.  They were also surrounded by equally good secondary people in the story.  

It has plenty of kick-butt action and suspense. As well as some emotional traumas as well.  It also has some steamy scenes too.  Before it ends there will be  with several MAJOR twists that just add to the tension, danger and surprises.  Note that I said several MAJOR surprises.  People will be taken down and questions answered.  One in particular will be hard to handle. 

There is an Epilogue with a H.E.A. 

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