Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Abandoned puppies found under the porch of their duplex become an issue when Ruby Innes overrides her co-tenant, Thatcher Rollins, in his demand she call in the SPCA. Instead, she becomes a surrogate mother to the tiny balls of fluff… with the cranky good-looker’s unexpected assistance.
Not surprising, one of the pups bonds with Thatcher and won’t be put aside. After all, it’s exactly how she’s  p her wedding to a man he believes will make her unhappy?
Until Ruby finds out the groom is her father.
Then she has no option but to follow and put a stop to Thatcher’s meddling.
  But…will she be in time?
    AMAZON 4 Stars

It was a light, fun, sweet summer story.  Nothing real heavy or real deep but charming just the same.
Ruby and Thatcher both come at each other in a huge misunderstanding or two at first.  It's like they begin to like each other just a tiny bit and then a misunderstanding of each other's motives crops up.  Not a lot but but just enough to keep things interesting.

Thatcher is one over protective son when it comes to his mother.  But in the past he has had to be.  Yes, she is smart, kind and rich.   Not so smart about men in the past and that kindness had got her into trouble before too. Thatcher was just trying to get ahead of any of that.  Oh, course he sticks his nose in and almost ruins everything.  But Ruby isn't giving an inch either and that makes for some battles or two.  
The puppies manage to steal part of the show with their antics.   Buddy being the one trying to steal Thatcher's heart.  
I liked the cover for this eBook too!

I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of it. 

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