Saturday, July 14, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- TAMISAN (book 1) by Susan McKenzie

Tamisan (Tamisan Book 1) by [McKenzie, Susan]
An illegal experiment.

Mortally wounded Zhenna Rhodarma has had her consciousness transferred into the body of a Waikari, a native of planet Althar 3. Her new form has two hearts, psychic abilities and can breathe underwater.

A dangerous escape.

When her new mind-reading talents reveal that her saviour, Dr Starrick, isn’t what he seems, Zhenna has to escape from his clutches and into the wilds of Althar 3.

A quest for survival.

Even with her new abilities, and the assistance of a mysterious stranger who answers her telepathic calls for help, Zhenna will be hard-pressed to stay ahead of the man who will stop at nothing to get his experiment back. And there’s more than just deadly flora and fauna waiting for her in the jungles of Althar 3.   AMAZON 5+ Stars

Wow, was this book packed with Action! It was Intense. The world building was off the charts good.  The description of the various people and Talents were in depth and done really well.  
Now lets get into the main character of the book.  Zhenna  renames herself Tamisan in order to keep her sanity and to recognize her new identity.  Clever girl! And so to keep it from being confusing in this review, I'm going to keep calling her Tamisan.  I loved how the author really got us into Tamisan's head. *Pun intended*  The emotions that she went through were very easy to connect with.  And boy, did she have a lot of emotions to go through as her adventures continued. 

Darion is someone who adds so much to the story.  BUT, I'm not going to ruin it by saying who he is and how he adds to the story.  Just read it like I did and enjoy the ride.  
About the time I would slowly begin to relax in the story and Tamisan's safety..bam, more danger.  And off we would go again.
The good news is that there will be a H.E.A. for Tamisan but as you can tell it won't be an easy road.  
I think I will go lay down now for a nap and recover from that really good roller coaster ride.  I have to keep my energy up because it looks like there will be at least another book with the further adventures of Tamisan.  Bring it on!!

"I received this book in exchange for a review."

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