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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BOOK REVIEW- THE WEDDING (Lairds' Fiancees Book 2) by Julie Garwood

The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees Book 2) by [Garwood, Julie]
Journeying from England to Scotland, Lady Brenna has resigned herself to an arranged match with a highlander. But when a band of fierce, painted warriors captures her en route, she fearlessly meets their demand to instead marry their leader—her betrothed’s sworn enemy—the quick-tempered Connor MacAlister. 
Brenna harbors no illusions that her husband is in love with her, but their shared past gives her hope. Maybe the laird who once visited her father’s castle and charmed her with a dazzling, unexpected smile remains underneath Connor’s stern exterior. 
But as she sets out to win the man whom she has come to adore, a legacy of revenge ensnares Brenna in a furious clan war—and only her faith in her new husband can save her...  AMAZON 5 STARS

Includes an excerpt of another beloved Julie Garwood highland romance, The Bride

Loved this book.  Maybe a more accurate way of putting it is that I fell in love with Brenna and she made the story so worth reading.  I could hardly wait to see what would come out of her mouth or what she would do next.  She was one unusual child and that trait followed her through to adulthood.  She isn't even aware of how beautiful she is.  Not only does her beauty stun people but her ways do too.  

Connor had no idea what he was getting into when it came to Brenna.  Although he had met her as a young child, that should have been warning enough.  I lost count how many times, I either laughed or had a smile on my face.   
Connor was an interesting man as well.  He grew up hard; brutally losing his father and home at a really young age.  I had to shake my head a time or two when it came to his arrogant statements and feelings that after a time Brenna "would settle in."  Translation?  
That Brenna would be the model wife...compliant, doing things his way without comment or question.  Yeah, right!  But it does provide a lot of funny situations.  
It's not all fun and games though.  There is war, enemies and hidden enemies too.  Some violent attacks too. Romance, action, friendships and treachery.

Also has a really good group of secondary people; who add a whole lot to the enjoyment of the story.
All in all, a story I wouldn't mind reading more than once.  

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