Thursday, June 15, 2017


Playing for Keeps: An Amnesia Romance (Game Time Series) by [Nichols, Alix]
He remembers everything... except the first thirty years of his life.
~ ~
Sports star-turned-coach Lucas Delaunay has no recollection of his past, despite his parents' and friends' efforts to help him. Every month of his life is accounted for. Mementos from the birthdays he celebrated, the games he played, and the women he dated fill Lucas's mind, amounting to hundreds of memories.

Shame they aren't his.

Now the founder of a Paris water polo club, Lucas's ambition is to take his team to the European and World arenas. He wants them on the podium even more than he wants to remember his past.

Enter Isabelle Ferrand, a young publicist hired to land sponsors and fundraise for the club. A few years back, Isabelle was a poloist herself. She was also a friend. Just a friend, until she fell out with him for reasons she claims she can no longer recall. But everyone--Isabelle included--insists Lucas regarded her as a sister.

Not anymore, he doesn't.

Every night, he dreams of her naked and panting beneath him. Her taste, her smell, the way her breasts fill his palms... Every morning he wakes up rock hard, groping for her in his empty bed.

With desire spinning out of control, Lucas struggles with his own non-fraternizing policy. But he must know if he hungers for Isabelle because amnesia has changed his taste in women, or if there is something she isn't telling him.

And if she might be the key to unlocking his past.   AMAZON 4.5.STARS

Wow, what a way to start a book.  And wow, way to start to hate the "hero", well at least the main character Lucas.  Wasn't sure how that was going to change.   It was interesting how that came about. 
I really enjoyed the book and it's probably my favorite of this series so far. The story idea itself I thought was interesting and I'm glad that I didn't regret reading it.  It could have gone south but I don't think it did.
I liked how the story unfolded when it came to memories and what Lucas can recover about that past.  He's not going to like all of what he finds out. 
 Isabelle oh yes, a good character and she definitely deserved better than Lucas.  Well at least the old Lucas that is. 
You know things are going to work out but the road is going to get a little bit rough.  
Good Epilogue is included with a surprise twist; a happy surprise.  

At the end of the book is a 4 Chapter look into another of her books, "Find You in Paris."

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

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