Thursday, June 1, 2017


The Irredeemable Prince (Royal Affairs) by [Montgomery, Alyssa J.]
The ultimate royal bad boy is about to meet his match...
If one ever needs to find Prince Devereaux of Santaliana, one needs only look for the nearest newspaper: His Royal Highness is sure to be splashed across the scandal pages…
But enough is enough, and Prince Devereaux’s formidable brother King Gabriel is stepping in. No more night clubs, no more drinking, absolutely no more one-night-stands with up-and-coming models. Devereaux will step into his responsibilities, or he will be cut off.
For his own reasons, Devereaux submits to the stipulations that his brother sets out, even as he chafes at the restrictions. But the recalcitrant prince is about to find out that self-improvement can be surprisingly seductive..  AMAZON 4 STARS

I liked the main characters and it also had some good secondary people as well.
The story did have at least 2 surprises in it that kind of blindsided me, in a good way.  These weren't the end of surprises though.  

This book has a steady pace with just a few times that it did bog down a bit.  It felt like that when it went over the same couple of issues a bit longer than I would have liked.   But the reason I'm talking about the pace of the book is because of the way it would all of a sudden have an unexpected twist that seemed to come out of nowhere.   Well done!  I had thought that this was going to be a fairly predictable story and that was just not true.  I have to give the author credit for going along in the story making me think okay this is going to be pretty predictable and then "Bam" things would change to "wow, what a surprise that was." It went from being fairly predictable to, now its not.
The relationship between Dev and Mac was a good one and although the attraction was immediate so was the distrust and secrets. 
Towards the end Mackenzie (the image consultant) does something so incredibly stupid, I just wanted to shake her.  But of course, everything does work out, H.E.A. and all. 
As  a side note, I really liked the cover of the eBook; very attractive. 

There is also a quick look at another book at the end of this book.  It's King Gabriel's story called, "Royal Affairs".  If you enjoyed this book, you might want to follow it up with Gabe's story since he had his part to play in this book too. 

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion of it.

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