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Texas Road Trip (Port Serenity Series Book 3) by [DeFee, Ann]
Marci Hamilton is a retired kindergarten teacher. So what’s she doing running around Texas in a snazzy convertible with her flamboyant sister chasing the prize in a series of barbecue-sauce cook-offs? Sponsored by J.W. Watson, the Barbecue-A-Rama is a Texas-wide contest to discover the newest sauce. The sisters get lost on their way to the first cook-off, and J.W. Watson happens to be mending fences on his ranch when the ladies pull up asking for directions. Smitten by the blonde in the convertible, he makes the mistake of introducing himself as Johnny Walker. Not a fan of country music, Marci doesn’t know that he’s famous. 
J.W. has had one disastrous marriage and he doesn’t plan to go for a second—but that’s before he meets Marci Hamilton. Marci’s last relationship hadn’t been optimal, either. But when unusual–and sometimes dangerous–accidents start happening at the BBQ kitchens, she turns J.W. for help and the romance starts to simmer.
Can romance the second time around be hotter than a jalapeno BBQ sauce?   AMAZON 3.5 STARS

A good story with some older main characters in the lead roles.  It is a good stand alone story but I was glad that I had read the other book in the series first.  It just added a depth for me to have read,
 " A Texas State of Mind" first.  But it didn't feel like it would make it hard to follow if you didn't read it first.  There was just enough background to fill you in, without overpowering you with the past.
Marci is such a likable woman with a solid family around her.  And with a ditsy but loving sister.  Sissy is the one who dragged Marci into this whole competition thing.  And they traveled all over the place  for each parts of the competition.  Which is kind of dangerous considering how direction-ally challenged they are, especially Marci.  These different locations also gave the writer the ability to add the culture and some of the historical looks to each place.

Its amazing how long Johnny was able to pull off his well meaning scam; without getting busted right away. Of course, he did some fancy dancing around to get people to help him.  I did see that Johnny had the tendency to forget everything when some crisis comes up.  Happened more than once and it got him in hot water especially with Marci.  

There are several twists and surprises towards the end of the book; people with their own agendas.
There will be a H.E.A. but not before some groveling gets done.

I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.

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