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Thorn's Journey (Burnt River Contemporary Western Romance Book 2) by [Davies, Shirleen, River, Burnt]
Thornton “Thorn” Macklin, ex-Special Forces sergeant, has returned home to focus on his future. Scorpion Custom Motorcycles is one of the two dreams he pushed aside when he left Burnt River. The second dream? Well, it died long ago.

Grace Jackson works hard to be successful, trying to forget the one great mistake from her past. Returning to Burnt River to work for the family business forces her to confront her future—as well as the man who shattered her heart.

Being close to his brothers, helping at the ranch, and working with lifelong friends is exactly what Thorn needs. The last person he expects to see is the woman who vanished from his life without a word. Now she sits in her plush office down the street, resurrecting emotions, as well as memories he’d buried long ago.

Not only must he confront his feelings for Grace, he and his friends face another danger. Someone wants their new business to fail, and isn’t above putting people at risk to achieve this goal.

Guarding against threats is what Thorn does best. Protecting his heart from the woman he’s never forgotten is another matter.
Could coming home, and the hope of a second chance, be his ultimate journey? AMAZON


Good main characters with a whole lot of pain in their past.  As teenagers they had such high hopes and dreams; that included them being together.  It's amazing how many years that they have been separated and the pain is almost still fresh.   The cruelty of two men (their fathers) is almost too hard to bear when the information about what they had done to separate them comes out.  I called them M.M.'s  - Master Manipulators.  And although Thorn's father is dead, Grace's father is still alive and is still trying to control her choices.  He didn't seem to learn much from his past actions.  Oh he was surprised that when she learned the truth, their relationship went from a close one to a coldly polite one.   Wow, talk about dense.  
Thorn's father was even more of a coldblooded schemer and when he tried to give Thorn the ultimatum of either the ranch or college after Grace left, Thorn choose something else entirely.  He refused to be controlled and went and signed up to the Army.  And he kept re-upping for a very long time.  

There were some good secondary people in the story.  Like Thorn's brothers and Kull, a father-like mentor to Thorn.  
It was a pretty good story with a few surprises to it ( like where is the danger coming from?) and a long awaited H.E.A.  

I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.

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