Thursday, June 15, 2017


A Texas Second Chance (Port Serenity Series Book 5) by [DeFee, Ann]
Evil is lurking in Port Serenity, Texas. This idyllic town is known as a beach playground for sun worshippers and bird watchers—not murder and mayhem in the real estate development community. 
Zack Maynard is a California homicide cop on administrative leave who arrives to investigate the vandalism occurring on a project owned by his family business. His first meeting with Liza Henderson— the project manager in charge of the Blackwater Lake development—is more like a Monty Python comedy skit than a business meeting. She’s a widow with an extended family of eccentric characters and definitely not a typical Texas Rose. In spite of the wacky situation, she’s the first woman in years to jump-start his libido.
Can love blossom in this small town with its underground of nefarious characters? And will the good guys win? Absolutely! AMAZON 4 STARS

A fun read. 
What an interesting start to the book.  Our two main characters are having a day from hell even BEFORE they meet.  And it doesn't get all that much better immediately after.  It made for some laughs as well as a smidgen of sympathy for the "trials" each had gone through that day.  They are exhausted, hungry, aggravated and just want to wash up and go to bed.  Separately.  Well, at least at this point anyway. There is an attraction to deal with but there are plenty of other things on their plate to deal with.  
 They made for two good main characters.  With a crazy cast of secondary characters too.  Small town USA with all its beauty and quirks too.  
When anything upsets  tiny Liza's apple-cart she called in the rest of her wild support team.  Her twin sister, Maizie (who looks nothing like her and her cousin,  Sunny (when she is available).  
It was cute to to hear Zack describe Liza as a gorgeous pixie.  And the imp in him liked to rile her up and watch the firebrand temper of hers loose.  
For a "quiet" small town, there sure were more "things" going on that anyone had any idea about.  There will be romance, action and mysteries that will be solved.  At least one that is a six year old one.
There will be a H.E.A, for us romance lovers.
I felt like the romance could have been a bit deeper but the friendship between Zack and Liza did show up pretty clearly. You could see that they developed having each other's backs pretty quickly too. 

“I received this book as an ARC” and this is my honest opinion of it. 

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