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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Lark Porter thinks she'll find answers about her husband's death when she returns to their former home, but someone doesn't like the questions she's asking. She's quickly taken captive, and all that stands between her and certain death is a mysterious stranger telling her to trust him if she wants to get out alive. Hostage Rescue and Extraction Team member Cyrus Mitchell marvels at Lark's strength and determination to survive. The closer they get to freedom, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Once free, though, it takes all the skills and training Cyrus has to outmaneuver the deadly killers on their trail. 
Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes  AMAZON   4 STARS

A Dramatic Start and the tension keeps right on going.  Its intense and amps up throughout the story.  Lark and Cyrus are both interesting people who have a great deal of integrity. Lark had her faith in God to help her continue on when things looked bleak.  Cyrus was getting closer to that point, and as the story goes on he grows in it more.   The story kept me interested all the way through.  I was surprised when I looked down and saw that I was only few chapters away from the ending.  Other team members were introduced and pulled together to try to protect Lark and pull down one crazy cult leader.  That leader, Elijah had some really sick plans and was quite the power hungry control freak.  You might want to watch for several of the suprises  that are coming towards the end of the book.  

By the way, I really liked  the author's sweet dedication at the beginning of the book.
There is an excerpt to the book, "Backfire", at the end of the book.  It sounds like it might be good too. 

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