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Saturday, February 27, 2016


This is a standalone, full length novel. Another full length novel, UNSCRIPTED, is included as a bonus. Free in Kindle Unlimited 
Chase Alexander Marshall has come a long way from the nerdy shadow he was in high school and he’s gotten to where he is by working hard and focusing on every goal he’d set himself. All but one. 
The only thing left to make his life perfect is Remy. 
Unfortunately Remy Harrow is not free to pursue - well, not technically anyway - but that will not stop the determined mogul from taking what he considers his.     AMAZON

I liked this book, it had some depth. OK, I'll admit it was a bit raw, with some of the language and the sex scenes but this story is deeper than it looks at first.  It actually had a lot of surprises to it and the major surprise near the end, made me gasp.  I never saw it coming and in some ways I didn't like it but it was a good one!  I really  won't say anything more about that because "Come on, why should I ruin it for the next reader?" Chase and Remy each really drew me in and the author made me care about them. Chase and Remy both have gone through some horrific things.  Chase is so afraid that he's going to lose Remy after all this and because he did some stupid "man things" almost does.  Some readers might not appreciate some of the manipulative things he did and some of his controlling ways.  He was also trying to protect her, from others and sometimes from himself.  Chase's best friend, Gabe is smart, handsome and tough. He also is a loyal friend, who has Chase's back.  Chase also has several other "kick butt" friends that figure into the story. 
All in all a well written story, that kept my attention.  

I wish I could say the same for the Bonus Book, "Unscripted".  I just couldn't get into that one. It went to almost Instant Sex, before it really got into very much information about the two M.C.'s.   It just didn't draw  me in and I couldn't finish it.  Others migh like it but it just wasn't my cup of tea. 

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