Saturday, February 27, 2016

Be Dangerous- Lance Wallnau


Let us believe that God is having His way in the whirlwind of American politics. The devil has his eye on two types of people. One type is invested with the power of influence in the natural. These are the Gatekeepers at the gates of influence. They can write a big check, sing a big song, pass a significant legislation, tell a big lie in a movie or documentary. Often these people are known- especially in their field. Often they are compromised before they get to the top.

The other type of person the devil keeps an eye on are not known on earth- they are known in Hell. Unknown yet well known, they have authority at the gates of Hell. Naturally weak but spiritually powerful these souls have the power to reproduce themselves and blast people out of darkness. The devil has hooks in the jaws of the secular gatekeepers, their movements are predictable. The movement of those who are led by the Spirit are harder to anticipate.

These are the truly dangerous, especially when they make it their business to be in proximity to the gates of Influence and win the souls of gatekeepers. Of particular dread to the enemy is the intercessor who knows how to get ahold of heaven and pray till the burden of the Lord lifts. Travailing prayer freaks the devil out.

These are the dangerous ones.   LINK

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