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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Prophetic Future/G. Cooke

If you’ve got a prophetic word that connects to your future,

it means that you’ve got one. 

This is not rocket science.

 If you’ve got a word about your future, it means you’re going to survive 

everything in between now and then.

 Remember David? 

He goes up against Goliath. 

What is he running toward? 

He’s not running toward Goliath. 

He’s running toward his future.

“You can’t kill me; I’ve got a word from Sam. (God). Sucks to be you!” 

Every problem, every difficulty, every obstacle, every giant

between where you are now and your future 

has already been taken care of.

That’s why you’ve got this prophecy. 

You embrace the prophecy. You embrace your inheritance.

(from Living Your Truest Identity)  Link

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