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Monday, November 30, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- Holdiay by the Sea

BOOK REVIEW-  Holiday by the Sea-  Teagan Becker comes home to save the family business, putting her dreams on hold for the holiday season. A professional video blogger, Teagan is determined to see the world without anything tying her down. No car, no apartment, and definitely no boyfriend. 
Riley McSorley teaches music to fourth graders, glad for the steady job with insurance and a 401 K. Sure, he once wanted to be a rock star, but that was a childish dream. Now he wants a white picket fence by the sea. Teagan offers him a part-time job at Becker’s Bakery over his school vacation, which saves her from getting behind on cookie orders. Side by side in the trenches, they realize that they are total opposites, but those differences create symmetry. Riley wants a girlfriend, to hang out at the beach and enjoy the tropics. She wants independence, and blisters under the sun. By New Year’s, Riley knows that Teagan is the woman for him, yet she can’t, won’t, give up her dream to travel Europe. Despite their great passion, unless they learn to compromise, their relationship will be lost.   AMAZON

A good Holiday story.  Its also a sweet yet sassy story.  Probably a good story for the YA market, although I don't want to limit the ability for it to reach other readers either. Yes, they do seem to be total opposites in so many ways but that spark is so there between them.   Tegan is the sassy one with the bohemian spirit.  She vlogs and people rush to hear what she has to say.  She draws them like a magnet.  Like Riley says, she sparkles. Riley liked the fact that she looked at the world in a totally different way than he did.  Besides, she was funny too.  I don't think Riley was as stick in the mud type of guy that people might think he was.  Tegan sees him as nerdy but cute as all get out.  And he's growing on her and when he kisses her?  Now she's really ready to run for the hills.  Only she can't, she's stuck in the bakery for just a bit longer. Having a boyfriend and settling down was NOT on her to do list.   Now her German parents would be all in on that though.  And though she loves them, their traditional views are at odds with her need for indpendence.

I got this copy free in exchange for an honest review.
You might want to grab it soon, it is free as of this posting.  I'm not sure how long that will last.

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