Saturday, November 28, 2015

BOOK REVIEW- TEXAS LILY-  Lily Porter is newly a widow with a child to raise and a cattle ranch to run in the Texas frontier aflame with violence, and where a woman is to be seen not heard. 
She needs a man to stand up for her land.
His name is Cade. Part Apache brave and part Mexican grandee, Cade has a past and a secret. But he possesses the power and passion to command all in his path. 
Lily welcomes Cade into her struggle against treachery and terror—and discovers a love worth risking everything to keep.  AMAZON

Great Story.  I caught a copy of it when it was free on Amazon and I'm so glad I did.  I enjoyed every action packed minute of it.  It was a bit long, but there was quite a bit of story to cover. Lily IS a strong person, a great role model for a heroine.  Both Cade and Lily yearned for love but had learned to live without it.  Both Cade and Lily had lived a tough life, although in different ways.  Lily had never truly felt welcome in her old life before she married Jim.  Cade had never really found a home but he was caught between several worlds.    Passion had caught her once.  And she got burnt by it when she found herself pregnant without marriage at 16.   She managed to snag Jim as a husband and then she was off to Texas.    He was much older than her and while there was no passion or anymore children she was safe and a partner of sorts when it came to the ranch they owned.  Jim disappeared and Lily needs help (even though she doesn't like that idea).  And she needs it Pronto!  Thus the adventure starts, "Independent,do it my way" Lily and " I've got this and I won't explain", Cade.   There were also great secondary characters, among them being Roy, Lily's son.   I'm not going to list them all because there were a quite a few but in no way did they confuse the story.
I'm not sure that I've read anything by this author before but this won't be my last one.

There is also an Excerpt at the back of this book.  It's called,"Texas Rose-Too Hard to Handle" Book 2.

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