Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lacy Stitch Blanket- using Circular Knitting Needle

Lacy Stitch Blanket

Lacy Stitch Blanket

This easy lacy stitch baby blanket from Bernat Yarns has fun rippled texture!

 Try it with striped yarns for depth of color.

Approx 36 x 48 ins [91.5 x 122 cm].
20 sts and 26 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in stocking st.
Cast on 217 sts.
Knit 5 rows (garter st).
Proceed in pat as follows:
1st row: (RS). K4. *yo. K3. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K3. yo. K1. Rep from * to last 3 sts. K3.
2nd row: K3. Purl to last 3 sts. K3.
3rd row: As 1st row.
4th row: Knit.
These 4 rows form pat.
Cont in pat until from beg measures approx 47 ins [119.5 cm] ending with 2nd row of pat.
Knit 5 rows. Cast off knitwise.


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