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Jeanne is a one of a kind woman who is a bartender, waitress, who is in the running to possibly own the bistro La Boheme if everything comes together.  Jeanne may be kind hearted but she also is someone who speaks her mind.  A hunky stranger walks into the bistro expecting her to remember him, but he's changed so much, there's no way she could.  But they do have a history of sorts.  But Mat is no longer that geeky guy that followed Jeanne around like a puppy dog wanting her attention.  He's got ambitions towards politics and has a girlfriend that will help him get where he wants to go in that arena.  He might still have warm feelings towards Jeanne but she just isn't the kind of woman he can tangle with.    He also can't seem to stay away either.  

I'm still smiling.
I wanted to read this one for quite some time.  Having read all the other stories in this series (so far), this one just kept calling to me.  For one reason or another I never quite got around to it but put it on my Amazon wishlist.  When the author offered me an opportunity to read it; I jumped at the chance.  When I got it and started reading I thought, "Oh, please be good, I don't want to be disappointed".  I wasn't.  I had liked Jeanne from the other books and was glad to get more into her story. Mat had quite the changes when it came to his appearance and confidence.  He changed from the "toad" look to a "hunk". The tension between the two of them developed really nicely.  I think this story might just be my favorite of all the Bistro La Bohème stories.
On a couple of side notes: 
I really liked the song lyrics that Mat listened to, that Cyril had released as a new song.  It also helped explain the title of this book.  Very appropriate. 
The other thing I found interesting is the way each new chapter was listed in the front.  Not the usual Chapter 1 or 2 but with Month's or Event Title (but not enought to give it away). 

Like I said earlier I got this book FREE, in exchange for an honest review 

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