Friday, February 27, 2015


Romance isn’t on his mind when Dr. Logan Castle meets midwife McKenna Kirkpatrick, but give her time. She’s good at riling things up, and Logan soon learns he likes to be riled. Full of spunk, McKenna presents a challenge for the handsome head of her department when she joins Montclair Specialty Hospital. Ranked a Chicago Hot Doc, Logan favors established protocols while McKenna likes to push the envelope. 

I liked both McKenna and Logan and found some of their scenes together pretty funny.  I'm just going to drop a few hints here about some of that- 

  • McKenna offering Logan a "certain" coffee mug; she gets her point across with just that mug.
  • McKenna eating french fries at the Purple Frog while meeting with Logan...priceless!

Logan came across as compassionate but kind of staid, in his super need for organization.  
And of course McKenna, while being professional and caring is so far the other way; she's spontaneous and bold.  Too bad she's found a way to guard her heart by being a "buddy" or just a friend with guys, she even tries that with Logan.  Only problem is he isn't buying that.  
The story started out with a great birthing scene that I thought was so sweetly done.   Other subjects like midwifery, water births, a single pregnant mother, and the medical mission trip to Guatemala were also well done, and easy to "see" and feel. McKenna's family had a nice feel to them as well.
I'd say if I was giving this a title, it would be,
" An Okay, Easy Read."  
On a side note:
Hopefully this doesn't sound really like nit picking but its about the cover picture for this book.   In some ways it just doesn't fit the story. Although I liked the actual pose of the two of them together,  I remember reading that Logan had blond hair.  Another thing is that he was a classy dressing guy even when he was relaxing or sailing.   The shorts the guy on the cover is wearing, clash with that written description of him and his clothing style.  The rest of the cover was just fine.   I guess that could be seen as just a little thing or even maybe unimportant but since I'm a visual person (as well as a reading one) I just felt it could have been done just a tad better.  


“I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review”.

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