Saturday, February 7, 2015


Eris Miller, feels she doesn't fit in anywhere but still she does end up with a scholarship to an elite school.  Everything was going along as normal; until she is abducted by scaly six- armed aliens.  She finds herself on board an alien spaceship on her way to be sold, when Varrin shows up.  He's a swashbuckling pirate with his own agenda, and charming as all get out.  Did things just get better for her...or not?  

I liked this story although at times Eris made some silly decisions in who she trusted but then again she's young.   Varrin and his arrogant self confidence was quite funny at times.  The author did a good job of not only describing different aliens and their attitudes  but also the interactions between Eris, Varrin and some of the "people" (aliens) that they meet along the way.  Varrin has made quite a few enemies as he has been on his own but there was also a whole lot to him than it seems. Other than looking out for himself being his main concern, you are always wondering what he's up to.  It seems like half the galaxy was after him, and then of course anyone around him.  Eris made some interesting friends as she is boucing around the universe as well.  Miguri is one of those unusual alien friends, that I enjoyed. 
There was at least one moment when Eris finds herself in an alien lab that made me squirm (no I'm not telling you what it was) but at least it didn't really go into graphic detail.  For that I am thankful.
The story  was completed but did leave the opening for more adventures.  

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