Thursday, February 26, 2015


Nichole Murphy lost the love of her life, Seth.  They had plans to be married when a IED destroyed that dream.  After a year, she still couldn't get a grip on her new life without him.  
Army field medic Roberto ‘Cam’ Camareno was there when it happened. His best friend died in his arms and he was helpless to stop it.  His friends last request was that Cam would be there for Nichole and help her after his death.   How could he help her when his guilt at being the one still alive was eating him up?  Can Nichole love again?  And will Cam allow love to grow between them? 

There were quite a few differences between Cam and Nichole when it came to their childhood.  Cam came from extreme poverty and only had his mother to call his family.  Nichole's family wasn't rich, but they weren't poor either.  Especially not poor in the amount of family either.  There were many of them and they were a tight knit family.  Cam seemed to carry around a lot of guilt; even more than just surviving the blast that killed his friend and injured the rest of them in the jeep.    Guilt over how hard his mother's life has been, guilt  and shame over his dead alcoholic father.  Guilt over his attraction to Nichole.  
Nichole is attracted to Cam as well, but quickly gets over any feelings of guilt quicker than Cam.  She's finally ready to try to move on, like her mother and family keeps urging her to do.  But every time Cam opens up to her, when he seems to be getting too close he withdraws from her too.  He has secrets, and she still wonders what happened to Seth on the day he died.  
I think the author did a really good job of sharing the agony of war for those who survived. Also those that were injured both physically, mentally and emotionally.   She did also share some of the pain of those left behind.  I liked Nichole's quirky family and the back and forth dance between Nichole and Cam.  Cam's mom was enjoyable as well; couldn't help but like her.   Everyone was just trying to move on with their lives. 
If I was giving this a title for a review it would probably be something like, " A Pleasant Read even amongst the Sadness of War".

"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review." 

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