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 Tamara Slay runs with her daughter Gabby, from an abusive husband.  She wants to live and be safe, starting a new life with her daughter.   Lt. Martin Beck is a sheriff's deputy and has a mission of his own.  He's been chasing a serial killer and he believes that Scott Slay is the man who killed Brandy Fuller and seven other women on the Florida Gulf coast.  Things dead end for years until he finds Tamara Slay.  He believes she's the lead he needs.  Things could turn even more deadly as Tamara and Martin begin to spend more time together, and two hurting people find themselves drawn to each other.  The danger is still out there waiting for them, and Scott is a man you really don't want to upset!  

I found this book seemed to be longer on being a suspense/thriller than on the romance part.  I probably would have liked it more, if I felt there was more of a connection between Tamara and Beck. The first part of suspense/mystery, I thought was done pretty well.  Scott, was creepy scary and eerily smart.  Scott played quite the mean, cat and mouse game with Tamara, Gabby and Beck.  Even the whole law enforcement community. He just always kept seeming to find Tamara, no matter where she was.  Sometimes it almost felt it was way too easy for him; which wasn't really explained all that well how he was able to do it so consistently.  Later in the book, there was a mention of a possibility of how he might be doing it, but it felt a bit thin.  You notice, I didn't mention the why here?  It's because I don't want to give anything away.  
As for the romance/attraction between Tamara and Beck, it was kind of stiff and hard for me to really believe.  Yes, they both had a lot of challenges to overcome, so I understand that.  Also the fact that they were trying to resist each other, so I understand that too.  Those parts were written fairly well.  Its just that they seemed to fall in love way too soon; without really knowing each other.   At least that's how it felt to me.  Maybe I was missing something?    And don't even get me started on some of the "dumb" decisions she made along the way.  
Would I read any other books by this author?  Yes.  Even feeling like she left me with some questions on this book. A few things were left unanswered.  Critical to the story?   No, probably most people wouldn't think so.  But.... Did Pratt ever have face his comeuppance on his behaviors?  I would have hoped so. 
The "Epilogue", was a nice touch at the end, not answering some questions but giving a good end anyway.  
Just also wanted to note that I thought the cover picture was very attractive and seemed a pretty good choice, in keeping with the story content.  

 "I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.” 

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