Wednesday, February 25, 2015


*My rating?  A Pretty decent Amish Story **

Hannah Glick, an Amish widow is working at the local hotel as a cleaning lady to help with finances after her husband's death. She loves her life in the Amish community but she also enjoys her work at the hotel. It leads her into the path of an outsider, non-Amish Trey Peterson. He lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident and they are understand each other. Her brother in-law Joshua works with her on the horsefarm that he co-owned with his brother. He's been in love with Hannah for years. Which life will she choose is the question? And what will it cost her?
I liked the story, it was a romance after all, with all of the complications that come with it. I didn't like the manipulation that different people seemed to operate in when it came to Hannah. Even Joshua wasn't above it, even though no one really seemed to recognize it as such. Her mother-in-law? Eck, really unlikeable person. I guess every religion has one (well, at least one). Even Hannah's one daughter wasn't above rebellion and manipulation towards the end. Made for a pretty believable story though.
Is there a HEA? Well, Yes AND No. At least Hannah ends with love, but leaving one of your kids behind? Kind of hard to imagine. Was Hannah hoping that she could restore her relationship with her daughter? Yes. Not so sure if that would happen but hey, its supposed to be fiction, so I think I'll go with the idea she would.

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