Tuesday, February 10, 2015


When plucky single mother Leda Plett goes next door to retrieve her wandering pooch, she doesn’t expect to find a handsome stranger lounging about like he owns the place. She certainly doesn’t expect him to go all “white knight” about her deadbeat ex, or her knees to go all wobbly at his sexy smile. 
Rodeo-star turned agent Eric Anders is used to managing people and clearly, the boots-and-sundress wearing mouthy mama needs someone to manage her. He wants to help; her spirited spark and quick wit have nothing to do with it. 
But when Eric’s good intentions end up bringing only hurt and humiliation, he’s forced to face the fact that he doesn’t always know best. Leda is stronger and wiser than he knew, and his arrogance may have just cost him the one girl he now can’t live without. 

 I liked this story mainly because of the main characters and especially that sassy, tough Leda, who had such a tender heart.  She just seemed to amp life up when she was faced with awkward situations.   There is a eleven year age difference between Eric and Leda, but because of her upbringing and life situations, she's older in her approach to life in some ways.   She had quite the creative way of trying to clean up her language with made up words to replace swear words, because she has a baby that she wants to raise right.   That alone got really funny.  
Eric, was usually  putting his foot in his mouth when he was around Leda, but like he says, "he was only trying to help".  Eric, enjoys her spunk even when its leveled at him, which leads to some interesting conversations. 

"I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review,”

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