Tuesday, August 25, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Truth and Justice (Sisterhood Book 31) by Fern Michaels *


Fern Michaels is a national treasure, and her latest in the Sisterhood series finds the stalwart friends bringing justice—and hope—to families devastated by a greedy con artist.

The Sisterhood: a group of women from all walks of life bound by friendship and a quest for justice. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right.

When Alexis Thorn and Joe Esposito encounter a young woman sobbing alone in a restaurant, they step into action and offer their comfort and sympathy. They soon learn that the woman’s husband was recently killed in action in Afghanistan. Before he reported for duty, they took steps to preserve their chances of having children. But when Bella visits the fertility clinic, she discovers her eggs are no longer there—and the circumstances are beyond suspicious.  
Heartbroken at this tale of shattered hopes, Alexis recruits the Sisterhood to investigate. Soon they uncover a con artist on an obsessive mission. Tracking the culprit behind such a cruel scheme won’t be easy. But with their combined grit, courage, and determination to overcome any obstacle, the Sisterhood will make sure that this story ends on a note of triumph . . .AMAZON LINK
                      4 STARS

 I have read quite a few of the Sisterhood books and I never know if I'm going to like it or think it's just okay. Not the case here, I liked this one.  The Sisterhood found themselves in a position that they never had been before.  They were kind of stumped, off balance and feeling all messed up.  It takes a while for them to bring things all together but it made for an interesting story.
Bella just seems fighting to keep afloat thinking her dead husband Andy didn't really love and care for her as much as he claimed.  If he did, why would he have stopped all contact, and not made any provisions for her in case of his death? There is so much at work here, all working against Bella.  It's all a hot mess but they all will get to the bottom of it. It's going to take a lot of work.  And it gets slowly peeled like layers on an onion. 
 Avery Snowden shows up in this book, as he has in some of the other books.  He's an ex-spy with some pretty high level operatives.  He's going to be a huge help in getting information on this mission.  
Sara, Sara, Sara.  She was one nasty piece of work and Andy's "sister".  She presented one face to Andy and another to the rest of the world.   He never suspected a thing.  Sara seemed to be one step ahead of just about everyone most of the time.  Even the sisterhood for a while.  She really wasn't on their radar at first but the deeper they dug the more names for her came up.  They began calling her "Sara whatever her last name is now. " 
The story comes  with a surprise good end and beginning for Bella.  
I kind of think that the punishment for the villain of the piece was a bit mild.  But then again..maybe not. Not getting out alive.

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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