Thursday, August 27, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Taboo Cowboy: A Secret Baby Ranch Western Romance (RainbowCanyon Cowboys Book 2) by K.C. Crowne *

 This is a standalone best friend’s dad, older man, cowboy romance and a part of my Rainbow Canyon Cowboys series. Each book can be read as a standalone. Transport yourself into the charming family ranch in Texas, as we follow five rugged cowboys in their quests to find lasting love.

 Molly is too young. Too innocent.
And she's pretending to be my son's girlfriend.
It's a real shame how her sweet curves challenge this cowboy's code.

When my son comes to visit the family ranch, he brings Molly along.
A pretty little temptation my son tries to pass off as his girlfriend.
But I know one thing's for certain: My son doesn’t chase women.

Molly’s a tiny little thing... especially next to me.
She’s adorable. Big blue eyes. A sassy mouth.
And blonde hair I want to wrap around my fist.

I try to keep a tight rein on my untamed need.
But I want to have her. Taste her. Mark her as mine.
I have to be Molly’s first. And her last.

But can a gruff cowboy like me tame the queen of manicures and designer bags?
One things for certain...
When danger threatens Molly and our unborn baby...
I vow to prove the love in my rugged heart.   AMAZON LINK

   3 STARS

 Although this book had three different kind of main characters, it just didn't really pull me in like I hoped.  Molly, Christopher and Silas were each unique enough in their own way. 
I did like the friendship that Molly and Christopher shared even though at times Christoper was self-absorbed and selfish at times. 
Molly was both an innocent person and also mature in other areas.
I liked Silas and the struggle that he had to try and connect with his son Christopher.  Silas loved him deeply but always had such a hard time putting it into words. 
Molly and Silas also struggled but their struggle was of a more personal nature.  They were fighting their strong attraction to each other.  Which leads to some tender moments (from Silas) and some fairly hot sexual scenes as well. 
While I didn't think the story was all that special I did like the H.E.A. that came about.  And can I just say what a great eBook cover that was?

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