Friday, August 14, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Once upon a Pricess (The Lost Royals #2) by Ainsley Wynter *

Book Details

A vengeful rebel...
Forced to live in hiding after his family is assassinated, Prince Callum of Embury leads the rebellion to restore his family to the throne. Knowing only grief and revenge, Callum searches for a chance to destroy the king and rebuild his alliances.

A protective princess...

For Princess Zara of L’Ortagia service to her people comes first, while hiding her magical abilities. When the queen commands her to wed the Emburian heir, Zara flees the night before the ceremony—ready to aid the rebels, protect her country from a madman, and discover whether the dashing man who helps her escape is truly who he says he is.

Two passionate hearts...
On the run from the king’s forces, Callum and Zara form a fragile alliance while fighting a growing attraction. Torn between their allegiances and their passion, they find solace in each other. But can the magical princess and the rebel prince find a way to build a kingdom together?  AMAZON LINK
    4 STARS

This is the first book that I have read in the series and I did enjoy it.  
I liked both of the main characters and they had a depth of character.  There is plenty of emotion, danger and people out searching for them.  At times it was hard for them (and the reader) to know who exactly to trust.  And others like Viola it was as clear as day that she was 100% on their side.  There were a few others that fell into that category as well. So they made for good secondary people. 
Zara had a gift that her mother, the Queen made her ashamed of as a child.  So she had to keep it hidden and not practice it's use.  In other words, she wasn't allowed to let it grow.  The Queen so often disapproved of just about everything Zara did that she finally stood up and made what was thought of as a risky choice.  
Callum sure gave mixed signals when it came to Zara.  Yes, he wanted her BUT he had several reasons why he was hesitant to pursue her.  He felt he really had nothing to offer her as a future.  And he had the important mission to recover his siblings or siblings.  And to take back the throne from the usurper and back to his family, the rightful rulers.  However even with all the stated reasons it didn't keep him from some very heated sexual situations with Zara.  Mixed signals, remember?   She was attracted to him as well but was often confused by his on and off affections.
I enjoyed watching Zara's growth and the Nocturne magic that is also involved in some of that growth.  
Everything comes to a good end with a H.E.A. for now ending.  Which in reality leaves the door wide open for MORE adventures in this series.  
By the way, the attractive eBook cover caught my attention enough to slow down and read the book information. 

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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