Saturday, August 12, 2017



Two cultures collide in a dangerous romance…

At the opening of his new boutique waterfront hotel in Seattle, Sheikh Malik al-Riaz’s breath is taken away by Eva, a beautiful grad student waitressing at the party. Unaware who he is, Eva is drawn to the dark and handsome man and when they share a kiss, their connection is undeniable. 
After a passionate few days together, both of them realize they are helplessly falling in love with the other. 
When the fiercely independent Eva realizes who he is, she is rattled but Malik convinces her that their great differences in rank and wealth mean nothing to him. 
Fearing the Sheikh’s new American love will threaten his own rise to power, his most trusted advisor, the ambitious and malevolent Adham has Eva violently abducted, planning to have her murdered and use the Sheikh’s grief to take over the country. 
Can Malik get to her before Adnam takes her life and destroys Malik’s heart forever.

I liked this one, it wasn't real deep but it was enjoyable. Malik and Eva did fall in love pretty darn quick.  I guess I would rate it as a quick romance story. There is a fast courtship, a quick way of understanding each other that included sexually.  Throw in some danger and a H.E.A. and we're good.

I didn't see anywhere to rate this book on Amazon but I did find it on Goodreads.  Goodreads Link

Very attractive eBook cover; at least I think so. 

On a side note, I wasn't sure what bracken colored eyes meant exactly.  I cared enough to look it up.  And surprise, surpise I got 26 Swagbucks for my search.  I'm not sure everyone knows what that is, but I sure was pleased.  Made it a win-win.  

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