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All for Love - 3 Series Starters: New Zealand Romance by [Pearson, Kris]
Read the first full-length standalone New Zealand romances from Kris Pearson’s Wellington, Heartlands and Sheikhs Series. Once you’ve finished these three heart-and-soul filled novels you’ll find plenty more to enjoy by this superb storyteller. 

The Boat Builder’s Bed
A single mom and a billionaire. A beautiful house that needs her touch, and a beautiful man who needs her love even more. 
Superyacht tycoon Rafe Severino wants to complete his lonely new mansion with its million-dollar views and return his life to normality. He yearns to marry again and start a better family than the one he came from. He gets more than he bargains for with Sophie Calhoun. 
Newly established decorator Sophie seeks to make her mark on the city, but to concentrate on her design studio she has been parted from her adored daughter for the last several years. When Rafe confesses the ugly truth of his upbringing, Sophie sees disaster ahead. A heart-warming story of family, love, loss, dangerous currents, and maybe love regained.

Melting His Heart
Kate Pleasance needs to flee her home city of Auckland and create a new life away from family stress and infidelity. Might the advertisement seeking a ‘Superwoman’ be her answer? Short-listed, she’s flown to the vibrant alpine resort of Queenstown at her prospective employer’s expense. Snow is dusting the mountain tops as the jet glides in, and she’s shocked to be collected by tall, dark internet billionaire, Matthew McLeod. Where is the woman she spoke with on the phone? 
After a disastrous first marriage, Matthew has lived in a freezing void. He’s buried himself in his work to keep the demons at bay, but now there’s a potent new threat tearing at his resolve. Job-seeker Kate is dragging his ruthlessly supressed emotions back to the surface. Temptation he’s easily shrugged off in the past now eats him alive. Can he persuade her to stay long enough to fan the smouldering sparks between them until they burst into white-hot flames? 

Taken by the Sheikh
First in the Sheikhs of Al Sounam series - exciting hot romps in the desert. 
Laurel is the wrong hostage in the wrong place at just the right terrifying time. This exciting story has Sheikh Rafiq working undercover against dangerous terrorists. His prize is the innocent kiwi nanny, Laurel, but how long can she stay that way with a powerful man like the Sheikh? This different and delicious sheikh romance is Kris Pearson's all-time best seller. Her passionate sheikh is a man to fall deeply in love with.  AMAZON  4 STARS

And here are my thoughts on each book:

The Boat Builder’s Bed
I liked this book.  The main characters Rafe and Sophie were good ones.  Each with their own struggles of course.  Rafe had fought through most of them and won but he still had the deep desire to have a loving family.  He was raised by loving relatives but the rejection that he suffered from his mother and father was outrageous.  He was basically rejected for the color of his skin; he wasn't pale enough.  I liked how the Maori culture was explained and woven into the story.  My favorite explanation was about getting Maori Revenge.  What a great way to explain to a child how to overcome rejection.  And he did.

I would have liked to see a bit  more depth in the relationship between Rafe and Sophie.  But don't we always want more?

Misunderstandings happen right out of the gate.  Kate is almost instantly attracted to Matt but is believing he is already taken.  And being a good woman, she doesn't mess with married men.  Oh, the problems this causes.
Kate is looking for a new life but she's finding quite a few challenges along the way.   The main one being Matthew. 
I did enjoy the fact that I got to "hear" both P.O.V.'s from the main characters. Charlotte/Lottie made for a good, quirky secondary character too.  
Overall it was a good emotional, push towards-pull away, romance story.  And the misunderstandings continued for a while because of past hurts and suspicions. Speaking of suspicions, Kate's father isn't even there and he is causing problems that he doesn't even know about.   There is also some humorous games that went on too.  
I enjoyed this book; a charming but at times hot story that ends up with a H.E.A. and no cliffhangers. 
Taken by the Sheikh
I liked the story, in fact the book blurb caught my attention because of the different sounding plot.  I think it did a pretty good job of keeping my interest because of the difference from the usual ideas.  Both of the main characters were also able to keep my attention and there are also some interesting secondary people in the story.  There is also another unexpected surprise waiting for Laurel, we the readers get to hear about it first as the story runs.  It added another element to the story.  It was a good surprise for a change.  One that Laurel will enjoy.  The story does have some predictable moments but in the long run still managed to be enjoyable.  There is a HEA with no cliffhangers.  A good afternoon story. 
****UPDATED NOTE*** I found that when I read this book again, I enjoyed it more than the first time.  The first time on Amazon I gave it 3.5 Stars but for some reason I enjoyed it a lot more.   Felt like it really was worth 4 Stars instead.  

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