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Mystic Passion: 6 Paranormal Romance Novels by [Moncrief, Denise, Barrett, Nikki Lynn, Ayala, Rachelle, Coady, Sharon, Rhondeau, Chantel, Barbour, Mimi]


Being a single mom is tough for Dani Wilde without friends and family around to help, but escaping the town where she grew up and starting life fresh seems like her only option. If she stays in Montrose, Dani will get pulled back into her baby daddy’s life, and she doesn’t want her child around him or his friends.
Moving back to Telluride doesn’t seem like such a good idea, but Cole LaFleur has no other choice. His mother needs help to reopen the old Wild Rose Inn she inherited from her father, and Cole needs to get away from the heartache he left behind in California. When his mother hires a woman with a baby to work with him, he can’t see how hiring Dani can be anything but trouble.
Strange things begin to happen in the old hotel, and it seems the renovations have stirred up more than dust.

I have only read, '' Wild Rose," so that is the one I am reviewing here right now.  This one was quite the different story.  The main characters were good.  But there was also some unexpected secondary
"characters" that surprised me.  And not just me, they also shocked and surprised Dani and Cole.  And the Wild Rose Inn that they were attempting to restore/re-furbish had plenty of surprises too.  It was a labyrinth full of surprises!  For every step forward they made working on the Inn, things would happen to set them back two or three more steps.  
Dani and Cole had misunderstandings right out of the gate.  He was grumpy and irritated  by Dani being hired without his interviewing her. His mother hired her and he had been hoping for a handyman who could help relieve some of his burden   His mother was doing a lot of weird things and he just can't get a straight answer out of her.  Plus he's been doing all the work and getting very little sleep with all the odd things happening at the Inn. 
Cole is also grumpy because he has a woman all picked out to be part of his future and its not Dani.  Oh, the attraction is there but he's living in the Land of Denial when it comes to thinking the woman he is dating is the one for him.  Emily, is one piece of selfish nastiest, which he begins to see hints of as times goes on.  But he still tries to convince himself that she is his future.  Frankly, I thought he deserved better.  
The pace of the story was pretty good although a few times it felt like it dragged a bit.  
Things do work out.  Eventually.  With a H.E.A., no cliffhangers and best of all my favorite.  A good Epilogue.  

On a side note, when I saw the eBook cover I thought, "wow, why in the world would that be picked for the cover?"  I'll be honest..I thought it was pretty unattractive; scary even.  But after reading the book it made perfect sense!!

"I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book and willingly reviewed it."

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