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The world stopped for Susan Blackstone when she looked across the crowded room and saw the stranger, and then her heart stopped when she learned his name. He was Cord Blackstone, the family black sheep, and her own cousin by marriage, even though her husband had been dead for five long years.

Cord had come back for only one reason: revenge. But he hadn't counted on Susan any more than she had counted on him. Love became the wild card in the battle for control of the family company, and it was too soon to know who had been dealt the winning hand.

An Intense story that I really liked.  Great main characters and like the story says Cord is there for revenge.  And the family's dysfunction is right there at the top.  Cord is well described in Susan's thoughts as being so much like a pirate.  She also compares him to a powerful, dangerous untamed tiger.  She has always played it safe but just can't seem to stay away from him. Cord on the other hand is used to being on his own and having no one but himself to watch his back.
The attraction between Cord and Susan is also intense and  the sexual tension between them does get fulfilled. But of course that doesn't solve all of the problems. The emotional parts of the story were well displayed.
There will be a H.E.A.  but not before Susan gets pulled back and forth through the wringer .  She may be a person who is peaceful but when needed her backbone does come out.
I liked the fact that there was a good Epilogue at the end. 

On a side note- I read the older version of this eBook 
ISBN 978-1-4592-0399-0 from 1985

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