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His Unexpected Wife (Mail-Order Bride Book 2) by [McKade, Maureen]
High-spirited Annie Trevelyan leaves the mountains of Colorado behind, seeking fame and fortune, and no one is going to stop her. Not even Colin McBride, who's accompanying her West to make sure she goes to finishing school—and doesn't go astray! The lovely Annie's sure some timely flirtation will soon have Colin wrapped around her finger, but her coolly calculating kiss stokes unexpectedly passionate fires in them both. So now Annie must escape...because Colin's got marriage on his mind!
In watching over Annie, Colin was just doing a favor for a friend. Now that he's tasted the sweetness of Annie's lips, though, Colin wants her for himself—and that means a wedding! He'd once thought only a prim, docile wife would do, but now visions of a fiery wedding night with this independent hellion fill his mind. The trouble will be convincing Annie—and holding on to her long enough to do so! 
 AMAZON 3.5 stars

Although I liked the main characters, I did get a little tired of how immature at times Annie is.  The story also felt a bit slow at times which I didn't enjoy as much.   I did give Annie some slack because she was still young and she had been sheltered some.  I did like the background of Colin and Annie having known each other for so long.  They had a history of sorts although they had some years missing where Colin was out of her family's life.  The emotions of the two of them were displayed pretty well.

I did like some of the secondary people; including 9 year old Toby and his silent friend, Alexander. 
The book had a really good Epilogue, which was nice to see.  
It was a little odd that the book is listed as part of a mail-order bride category on Amazon because that wasn't exactly accurate.

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