Sunday, July 9, 2017


Keeper of the Bride (Her Protector) by [Gerritsen, Tess]
If Nina Cormier's wedding had taken place, she would be dead. But after the bride was left at the altar, the church stood empty when the bomb exploded. It wasn't until a stranger tried to run her off the road that Nina realized someone actually wanted to kill her.
But who?
That's what Detective Sam Navarro has to find out…fast. With a nightmare unfolding all around them, Sam and Nina must try to decipher the terrifying truth: they are at the mercy of a brilliant madman, one who is playing for keeps.…AMAZON  4 stars

This was an enjoyable romantic thriller.  Well, thriller in the sense of trying to stop the  the villain of the piece.  A very clever, methodical opponent.    I suppose it could have been a bit deeper but I enjoyed it as a quick read.

 There is a slow developing romance between Nina and Sam, which is fine because the main focus is on the danger and the mystery of the bomber.   What is the bomber's target or targets, how do they connect, do they connect, why was Nina's wedding bombed.  What does Nina and her ex-fiancee know that is enough to get them killed?  All great questions that will be answered as the story goes on.  But it won't be quick, snap answers and the tension just keeps building,  You can also feel the tension, frustration and exhaustion as the investigation goes on.  
The two main characters are likable and realistically played. I felt so bad for Nina at times because she seemed to just be tolerated by family.  How sad.  Sam and Nina fight being attracted to each other, so its one step forward and several back especially on Sam's part.  He's fully aware of how dangerous being distracted by an interest in Nina can be.  Not only to the investigation but for her safety.  

Good ending with no cliffhangers involved.  

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