Friday, July 7, 2017


Clarissa and the Cowboy: An opposites-attract romance by [Nichols, Alix]
~ Nathan ~
Right now Clarissa, our tour guide, is talking about prehistoric cave paintings.
In a moment, she'll point at the mammoth... Wait for it....
"Look at the mammoth on your right," she says.
Told ya! I've done her tour six times in two months.
Everyone gawks at the mammoth.
My eyes stay trained on Clarissa's lovely face.
After the tour, I'll ask her out, fully expecting her to say no.
I mean, why would a hotshot Parisian archeologist go on a date with a dairy farmer from the sticks?
But I need to hear Clarissa's no.
Maybe then I'll be able to forget her.

~ Clarissa ~
Nathan, aka Cowboy, is here again. Staring at me again.
I ignore him.
Just as I've ignored the hot, disturbing dreams I've been having lately.
Dreams in which a handsome cowboy undresses me.
Kisses me.
Pleasures me into oblivion.
Crazy dreams!
In real life, I'm going back to Paris to start a new job in a big museum. just might o
The one thing I don't need during my last week in Burgundy is a roll in the hay with Nathan.
Even if that roll turns out to be better than my craziest dreams... AMAZON  4 STARS

I liked this book but would have liked for it to be a bit deeper.  The feelings that Carissa has for Nathan are pretty clear though.  In the beginning it is more about her "non-feelings" for the cowboy that is what is the clearest.  She's kind of snobby, she's thinking that the cowboy who just stares at her is probably not too smart.  She thinks he's a hayseed, a hick probably.  It's kind of painful the way she just writes him off.  There is some attraction on her part though and she fights that because after all she has BIG plans and they don't include  a handsome farmer.   Well through no fault of his own, he's about to kick over that apple-cart.  When he goes on his final tour before giving up once and for all, things begin to happen.  And he just might be able to turn it to his advantage.   And I have to say, what's not to like about Nathan?  

Well, fantasies sometimes turn into reality and all those" crazy dreams" they each end up having begins to happen.  So yes, there will be sex and a H.E.A. and no cliffhangers.  That H.E.A. comes along with some steamy scenes in the book.  A good Epilogue, where things come to several startling conclusions.  

 "I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.” 

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